Edinburgh Festival Ghost Hunting

Dec 24, 2010

Want to occasionally enjoy a holiday full of tension and atmosphere of horror? If you have the guts and deep pockets are, please fly to Scotland. State fraction of this kingdom provides unique tour packages, ghost hunting.

Hunting here is not capturing the ghost, but visiting a number of buildings inhabited by spirits. Edinburgh Scotland's capital city is as the gateway into the supernatural. Based on the information Ghost events site, in earlier times, there was massive mutilations in Edinburgh. As a result, the city became a ghost town.

Country that has university of Edinburgh as the favorite college is divided into two sections, old and new city. Dark city built around the 1980's is located below South Bridge, Edinburgh's main street. The average building in the two areas inhabited by the spirit haunts. It is said that tourists who visit there was to find some strange phenomena.

Day trips to Edinburgh, you should be careful because of the way many of which resemble a maze. If they are separated from the group, you will be lost and may be difficult to find. There is a little girl ghost that often appear among tourists. Or, fraudulent ghost who sometimes threw stones at visitors and those shadows on the walls of buildings. Flights around this ghost town about 55 euros per person.

Travel to Castle Menzies which was founded 400 years ago was tense. He said that tourists can hear the cry of a man near the bedroom. In every room you will hear the cries, laughter, whistling, and footsteps of children. If lucky, you can run into three female ghosts who toured the castle. Entrance to this building is 49 euros per person.

If you are interested, the site could be a reference Ghostevents horror tour package. A visit to Castle Menzies held on 16 July and 22 October. Meanwhile, around the city of Edinburgh on 25 September, 27 November, and December 4.

If you want to Edinburgh, you should know everything about Edinburgh tourist attraction such as Edinburgh parks, Edinburgh Theater, airport Edinburgh, Edinburgh hospital, Edinburgh museum and also Edinburgh accommodation.

Here is short information about Edinburgh that you should know:

The best hotel in Edinburgh:
1. The Chester Residence
2. Holyrood Aparthotel
3. Atholl Brae Royal Mile

The best restaurant in Edinburgh
1. Hanedan
2. Dubh Prais
3. The Cellar Door

The best tourist attraction in Edinburgh:
1. Royal Yacht Britannia
2. Camera Obscura and World of Illusions
3. Royal Botanic Garden

The best tour and entertainment in Edinburgh
1 SANDEMANs Edinburgh Free Tour
2 Afternoon Tea Tours
3 Rabbie's Trail Burners -Day Tours


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