Kyoto, Japanese Cultural Center

Dec 27, 2010

If you want see the real culture of Japan, you should be come to Kyoto. Kyoto was always beautiful throughout the year, snow in winter, Sakura flowers blooming in spring, the hills are cool in summer, and views of colorful autumn leaves. The trip from Tokyo to Kyoto spent two and a quarter hour for 320 miles by train.

Japan is an island country on the eastern seaboard of Mainland Asia. Kyoto has rolling hills shape because surrounded by mountains. The country consists of hundreds of islands of which four are considered the main islands of Japan, Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. Kyoto more beautiful with the Kamo River in the east and the Katsura River snaking in the south.

You can see any interesting in Kyoto, such as any vibrant colors along the Hozu-Gawa river, 1600 temples with unique architecture like Kinkaku-Ji Temple and of course the geisha from the Kamishichiken district of Kyoto. Beside that, there is also tourist attraction on July that called Gion Matsuri as one of Japan festival that you should watch. The great Gosan no Okubiri event is held in August where big fire is set in five of the mountain in around the city.

Kyoto jp Area covers around 4.12, 71km2 with 2, 64 millions populations. Kyoto weather around 15.9 degree. Weather in Tokyo has lowest temperature on 3.7 Celsius degree and weather Kyoto get maximal temperature at 36.9 Celsius degree.

Kyoto became capital city of Japan for more than thousand years, from 794 until 1869. After that, the Japan’s capital city moves to Tokyo. Much historical moment held on Kyoto, such as Kyoto treaty. Besides that, there is Kyoto Protocol. Kyoto protocol is a protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC or FCCC), aimed at fighting global warming.

When Kyoto became capital city, many building was constructed include Golden Pavilion, Kiyomizu Temple and Heian Shrine. Besides that, Kyoto also famous with the art and culture, such as many traditional arts like exquisite tea ceremony and flower arrangement, Ikebana.

Kyoto also famous with the Kyoto University. More than 10% of Kyoto civilities are university students. One of famous university Kyoto is University of Kyoto. Many foreign students choose Kyoto as study place in Japan.

More famous in Kyoto are Kyoto sushi, Toyoko inn, kyoto restaurant, Tetsugaku-no-Michi, Kurama Onsen. Besides that district of Arashiyama and Sagano offers something different: a wander through a towering bamboo grove just outside the north gate of Tenryu-ji temple; it can get busy, but a walk among these incredible photogenic trees, with their strange, smooth trunks, is enchanting. These are incredible tourist attraction in Kyoto.


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