Festival of Sakura Blooming in Japan : Hanami

Dec 23, 2010

Japanese people celebrate many things with great joy and this tradition eventually fall down and remain stable until now. From drinking tea that for some people in the world can be done while in a hurry, until how to celebrate when see the beauty of flowers.

One of these is a unique tradition of Hanami. Hanami is the traditional habit to view Sakura flowers that are blooming and popularized in the Heian period of years 794-1191. Since introduced by the imperial court, the Japanese tradition of seeing flowers are then distributed by the nobles, artists, poets and musicians to the entire community and ultimately serve as a day of national celebration.

Sakura or Cherries flower is one of typical of Japanese nature that characterized Japanese national state. Sakura flower bloom in a short period, because it is considered to symbolize the brevity of life. This Japanese flower blooming season lasts from one week to ten days depending on weather and wind conditions. Fully bloomed cherry blossoms around the time of a week, after which it will spread the petals to create a pink and white carpet on the ground. This Japanese flower blooming period ranging from late March (about 25 to 30) to early April (about 7 to 13). Because of the limited time the cherry blossoms bloom, then it becomes very special moment for the people of Japan.

Hanami is not only celebrated by the Japanese people themselves, but also a famous tourist attraction in Japan. At the time of Sakura blooming, the Japanese state was invaded by visitors. Celebration is done by just sitting with the family under a Sakura tree while drinking tea or chatting. Many visitors also take advantage of blooming flowers to make praweding photo in bottom of Sakura. Additionally, when Japan Hanami festival will also be invaded by thousands of amateur or excellent photographer.

This flower blooming season varies for each region in Japan. The first flowers usually bloom first in the state of Japan's southern Okinawa in around early January. Sakura flower bloom this process will move to Kyoto in late March or early April. Flowers bloom last place in northern Japan island of Hokkaido.

Although Sakura flower blossom is the national celebration throughout Japan, but Kyoto is probably one of the best places for the celebration of Hanami. With the beautiful temples, gardens and surrounding scenery, Kyoto is the perfect backdrop for the beauty of cherry blossoms. In Kyoto Cherry Blossom Festival is also held during the Cherry blossom in April and Dance by the Geisha in Gion Corner Theater in Gion, Kyoto. In addition, you also can enjoy this Hanami from other parts of the city of Kyoto include Arashiyama Park, Nakanoshima Park, Kamogawa River, and Shosei-en Garden.


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