Watching the Vikings on Satellite TV

Aug 18, 2010

I know most people love summer, but I am always counting down to the season of fall. My husband and I are football fanatics, and every August we rush through the days until we can start watching Minnesota Vikings football. We always throw a big party for the season opener and everybody in the neighborhood stops by. We have a huge HD television in our family room and the picture is always crisp thanks to our direct tv deals. Whether the team is forecast to play well or completely tank, we orchestrate our schedules around the season and the neighborhood parties to watch the game together have become a strong tradition

We are not even sure yet what to expect with the Vikings this year, with all of the quarterback controversy, so we are focusing on the party details. We have some time yet before opening day, but we are putting together food and drink ideas and getting the invitations out to all of our friends. I start to worry sometimes that we will not be able to top our party from the previous year, but everybody always has so much fun that I am just going to enjoy the day.


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