Lets Visit Papua

Aug 5, 2010

Papua is located in east part of Indonesia. Archaeological relics scattered in almost all areas of Papua could potentially become a useful asset for the local tourism and the community. If managed properly, archaeological relics in Papua, which can be very diverse attractions that attract tourists to visit to Papua.

There are more objects of cultural heritage in the territory of Papua has not given the attention and optimal management as a tourism asset.

In fact, essentially the entire archaeological heritage is priceless because it is made only once at an event in the past. That's why objects of cultural heritage must be preserved so that it can be used for various purposes.

So that objects of cultural heritage in Papua could become an economic value of tourism assets, needed packaging to give meaning to these historically valuable objects Archaeology.

Cultural heritage objects, an object cannot say anything so it does not give any attraction for tourists. Things new cultural heritage can be highly useful for tourism if well packed.

Packaging objects of cultural heritage can be done by providing information about the location of archaeological relics in the form of maps or the guide signage making it easier for people to visit these places.

Furthermore, packaging objects of cultural heritage can also be done by giving meaning to the object in the form of an interesting and mysterious story. To explain this requires a guide who should be able to bring tourists to the ancient times to explore the events that occurred at the time.



Kerala Travel said...

Its true cultural heritage are very precious. Similar to Papua, Kerala in India is also an wonderful land which very well preserves its ancient cultural heritage till date.

August 26, 2010 at 5:38 PM

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