Traveling Guidance to Langkawi, Malay

Jul 23, 2010

Langkawi is a small island near the Malaysia. The capital city of Langkawi is Negri Kedah. This island is approximately 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur by plane. This island is similar like Bali Island, but more silent than Bali. The beach has white sand, little wave, and there are so many tourist object so those all aren’t enough to traveling in one day. There are many duty free goods in Langkawi such as like Pyrex, Visions, Corning Ware, luminarc and other crystal with cheap price.

First thing to do is the planning. Before decide to go to Langkawi, there are many things that must you prepare, like the object that will be visited, arrange the plan as the budget, search some information about the price, accommodation, transportation and other in many website. Traveling experience to Langkawai by other person is also good as a reference.

There are 3 cheap flights to Langkawi. They are by Air Asia, MAS and FireFly. The cheapest rate is from FireFly, but for the best you can book the flight in advance.

There are many hotels in Langkawi. You can booking directly to the hotel via online booking, but better if you booking the hotel by agency. If you want to find more agencies in Langkawi, you can search in the internet. Do not forget to see the costumer review about the hotel situation, you can find second opinion about the great hotel in Langkawi.
There are some things that must you consider before booking hotel. First you must know where the hotel located is. It’s important because you can easier to reach the tourist object if you stay near the city. Breakfast is also important, because you can save your time if you can get breakfast on time.

For transportation, for easily you can rent car to explore Langkawi. Many people offer rent car in airport with the cheap price. But for rent car, you must have driving license, its okay use your own driving license. And do not forget to bargain the price to get the lowest car.

If you can’t driving, you can also rent motorcycle and cycle.

So then you arrive in Langkawi, you can enjoy your traveling. Do not forget to try other water attraction.

Happy traveling


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