West Coast and Marine Park of Karimunjawa Islands

Aug 4, 2011

delusional disorder. Karimunjawa is an island in Java. Its location near Jepara and is one part of the district of Jepara, Central Java. As one of the islands, Karimunjawa beach has beautiful landscapes and special views of the north ocean of the island of Java.

The main thing that you can enjoy lively on the Karimunjawa Island is a view of beautiful beaches. Crystal-clear sea water, sand, pristine beaches and swimming in the depths give different colours on the surface.

The existence of this island is recognized by the National Karimunjawa to serve as National Park Karimunjawa. This archipelago has 27 islands with a variety of sizes. Five of the 27 islands are inhabited while the rest is never empty. However good an empty island or islands are inhabited, they still have the charm of interesting attractions and beautiful.

Some islands are uninhabited island such as Kemujan, Genting Island, Mosquito Island, the Karimujawa island, and the island of Parang. Between the fifth of the island, most have preferred white sand tourists. Several islands with extraordinary tourist potential and become popular is the island of Menjangan, Menjangan Kecil island, island Cemara Great and Small and the island of Tanjung Cemara furious.

Beautiful beaches in the islands are well known to Worldwide. The majority of islands have white sand into a variety of tourist attractions water. Interesting attractions is the shark swam between the bands. General Menjangan Island is the place for fishing because there is a shark. Visitors could try boldness, but no need to fear sharks because it appears there has been benign.

Several islands in the archipelago are covered by the pine. This is called the island of Pulau Besar and Cemara Kecil. The conditions of this island attracted tourists for a terrestrial beach headland, jut into the sea.

Other islands still offer beautiful beaches. Some unique is the existence of marine parks around the coast of Karimunjawa. Almost along the coast has beautiful sea garden, where coral reefs and colourful sea into a life of a variety of ornamental fish. In addition, the water is very clear to the marine park of Karimunjawa also seen very clearly, so visitors should not swim to enjoy it. Karimunjawa Beach is also a paradise for divers. A variety of water activities can be done here, diving, diving, snorkelling or just look on the beauty of the sea.

As a famous tourist spot, the islands have several resorts in Karimunjawa to live. For prices also vary, from expensive to economical package. You can also try to stay in the guesthouse which is above the water, so they can fish from the core of your own room.

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