Bangkok Day Tour

Aug 1, 2011

Bangkok is one of the famous tourist destinations in Thailand. This white elephant capital of the State does have thousands of fascinating tourist attraction. It’s not only the famous Thailand cultural tourism for its Buddhist culture and the Buddhist monk, but the scenery of Bangkok is very supportive of the condition of tourism in that State.

Tour Bangkok is famous for a variety of places closely with the local culture, such as temples, shrines, palaces and royal resting places. Various well-known tourist attractions are included in the list of destination tour of Bangkok, including the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaeo. This place is a royal palace and the Emerald Buddha, which opened to the public. Visitors will be treated to views of the past culture that remains closely guarded by the local community. However, as an important place, visitors are not allowed to use indiscriminate clothing. Visitors should use the formal attire as well as using shoe.

In addition to the Tour of Bangkok, Pattaya tour also provides a pleasant travel experience. Only about 2 hours from Bangkok, you can enjoy the famous beach resort of Pattaya. There are several small islands which can also be explored in this tour of Pattaya, including Coral Island, Ko Phai and Ko Khrok. For those of you who want to see the world famous miniature buildings, there is also a kind of Taman Mini Indonesia rides. This place is called Mini Siam and is always listed in Pattaya tour. Various interesting show also exist in Pattaya, including elephant, sport Thai boxing, show animals such as tigers and the famous transvestite show the beautiful.

For those of you who want a cultural tour, Pattaya tour will give you a treat the past as Wat temples and monasteries Viharn Yannasangwararam Sian Chinese Statues. Both of these places can make visitors see the past through Thailand majestic temples and monasteries are full of antiques. You certainly can take photos in this place to perpetuate your culture tour.

After a tour of Pattaya, do not miss Phuket. This is one of the famous places in Thailand. Pearl of the Andaman Sea provides the charm of extraordinary natural attractions. Tour Phuket provides a beautiful ocean view, with a combination of small islands that resemble pearls, and places to shop that has been visited by celebrities the world. Even tour Phuket also be subscribed honeymoon celebrity world, because it is a romantic and beautiful place. With the blue sea and white sand beaches make Phuket as a beautiful backdrop photograph.

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