Extreme Challenge Attraction in Auckland

Oct 20, 2013

As the capital of New Zealand, Auckland is a cosmopolitan city that also offers a variety of authentic and thrilling adventure. Don't just walk around watching chickens and various cutes chicken feeders (poultry indeed became one of the public's business in Auckland and could also become tourist attraction), but the extreme challenge might be worth to try.

Are you interested in? Let's look at some things you can try in Auckland. The first tour was running at an altitude of 192 meters Auckland Sky Tower without the handle on the right side and left side. Then once satisfied around the city, please replace with a special costume and use the safety. Be ready to drop it off at the speed of 83 kilometers per hour fell for 11 seconds, and you will be landed back at the Sky Plaza.

The second tour is the Blokart, an exercise that give a sensation of driving on top of the mud or soil only with the help of wind power. In addition you can also ride a canoe on the West coast of Auckland, there is a natural swimming pool which ends is a 25-metre-high waterfall.

Not satisfied with this challenge?  Bungee Jumping from the port may be attempted.  The port can be used for sporting this is port Waitamata. After that, you can continue with try the best line with kayak from shore Auckland towards the volcano. Please try this to find the most beautiful view of the Sun Auckland.
If not enough, you can also do sightseeing Auckland and New Zealand's other regions using ground vehicles. Beautiful scenery, fresh air will keep you entranced from the top of your motor. Be sure to use gloves (Alpinestars gloves is strongly recommended) to overcome a sense of cool.

With some tourist reference above, do you interested to visit Auckland? If you are interested, please make sure you visit this area when the weather is good. Call car rental for a reliable transportation so that you don't get lost. For rental, you can use the Snap Car Rental. This company can give you certainty of land transport in Auckland. Need a shuttle service? Snap Car Rental can also be unreliable, just visit their website at


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