Whale watching tour in Australia

Mar 25, 2013

Whale watching tour in Australia became a major tourist destination since the pope is not the kind of animals are in the zoo so it is rather difficult to find a place to watch the world's largest mammals. Australia offers some wonderful places where people can see whales in season, usually during the winter, when the whales migrate from Antarctica to find a warmer place. Whale watching tour is available in the West and South Australia, and here are some of the best places to watch whales in Australia.

Whale watching tour in Australia:

Herver Bay
Herver Bay in Queensland is one of the best places to watch whales in Australia. There are 4 types of tours to see whales offered there are: whale-watching tour in the morning, the afternoon, the tour package 3/4 Day meonton whales and whale watching on Fraser Island. All tours are available from early August to late October as the biggest opportunity to see whales at that time. A common type of whale seen in Herver Bay is a large humpback with giant fins like wings. Humpback whale is known as the fifth largest of all whale species. In addition to whale watching, visitors can enjoy other types of tourist attractions such as swimming at the water park, fishing in waters filled with various types of fish, and birds in the forest Herver Bay.

Gold Coast
On the Gold Coast, the visitors watched whales from a luxury liner headed by a professional captain put the ship in a very strategic position to see the whales. To give the visitors the best angle to watch whales, provided a special deck to witness placed inside the vessel. In addition, the number of people allowed into the ship at once, so the convenience of visitors in a whale watching is guaranteed. Just like in the Gulf Herver, types of whales that can be seen on the Gold Coast are the humpback whales. Special view from the deck of the ship, one can also see birds, turtles, and dolphins apart from whales.


The town is also popular in Australia for whale watching attraction is Sydney. Many people prefer to come to Sydney to watch the whales instead of visiting other places in Australia because visitors will not fail to find and watch whales from the ship in Sydney. Besides whales, visitors can also see dolphins, seals, and some seabirds from ships. For the visitors who forget to bring their cameras, a professional photographer ready to capture whales seen in the photo. Another reason why people choose to observe whales Travel in Sydney is because the city provides a lot of interesting places in addition to whale watching.

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