Lowest Air Fare Tips

Jan 9, 2011

Booking tickets are not usually mean call the travel agent and request a flight, now days booking ticket can we do easily with internet. Internet become friend of many people, Google goes familiar and follow people to everywhere. But in case of looking the lowest air fare, many people still need trick and tips to looking for the lowest air fare and cheap airline.

  1. Register your email to receive promotions from airlines. This tip is useful for high frequent flyer. You can start with the cheap airline website from various countries. You can use one email to catch the latest promo from this cheap airline. From the list of cheap airline, you can see in Wikipedia. But after receive the promo news; you must ready to stay up in the night because the promo will be opened on midnight.
  2.  Determine the purpose or traveling destination. Traveling destination is the most factors that can influence air fare. Sometimes people just hunt the promo without considering the traveling destination. They think that financial is important so choose the cheapest ticket. But if finance is crucial decisions for a vacation then you should 'know yourself'. So just own selection of airlines promo emails which is roughly where you wish to load. 
  3.  Memorize or at least have a calendar of national holidays a year ahead. Not to be psychic, but often given the promo tickets can be bought more cheaply for the next year. You can get madness cheap ticket when you will book ticket for next month. But do not do this if you do not have the flexibility to take time off work as I have or intend to become pregnant or have a history of severe disease. 
  4.  Have a world map or Google maps also allowed. Map is really essential if you want to be a traveler. Its function to have a world map is in order to imagine the distance that must be taken from one city to another, or to find the better city transit options. Besides that, it’s can be used to find another cities that could be brought together in a single trip. This is important, especially if we want overland by train or bus, so the next step in the search mode of transport more easily. 
  5. Got Credit Card. This is actually not mandatory. Generally, if the airline tickets must be purchased online that require the credit card owners to participate in the trip. It better for you to have a special credit card that can be useful for traveling back to its point value in order to free flight / mileage again plus have access to Executive Lounge. It’s recommended to choose the credit card that has joint promotion with the airline. 
  6. Careful with your hour flight if you want to travel point to point (goal connects) in 1 day. Point to point travel mean if you want to visit one country with one airline but there is no direct route to this country and you must transit in other country to reach your destination. If it turns out its flight hours in a day are too close together, reserving a time at least 4-5 hours for a break point with a point from the flight in transit country and to destination country.
  7. Spend your time to the Exhibition Tour / Travel Expo. At this exhibition, it's time for many international airlines to offer promotional fares. With better service quality taste promo price offered is not less expensive with cheap airlines that. 
  8.  Follow-up mailing traveling. This is helpful because a lot of info to be had for cheap travel airfare promo not only complains. Plus you can ask the experience of the participants of the forum / mailing list on which airline you want traveling. Not bad for free his survey.
  9. Researching the purchase of additional services in flight. Cheap airline now often use various ways to trick customers to pay more for additional features or services. The meaning here is the trap, which was originally published various components of a service must have if we bought plane tickets on major airlines and provides an extra fee for us to obtain these services. Additional services which must now be paid are: 
  • Baggage 15 kg (and more), the more weight the more expensive luggage, handbags rules that enter the cabin is now more lightweight, only 7 kg for the famous airlines of Malaysia is cheap and generally 10 kg for other airlines. 
  • Food and beverages. If for domestic travel may not be too heavy to pay in dollars, but if you travel abroad that we will be charged according to the departure country's currency, the fall will be more expensive for the same food or beverages. 
  • No place to sit. Want to sit by the window or elsewhere can be charged extra. 
  • Insurance. If you already have travel insurance, is certainly no need to buy again but if it is to travel far enough, I suggest you buy it.


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