Strawberry shortcake

Oct 20, 2009

My son isn't like most 5 year old little boys who only love pizza, cookies and chocolate. For his birthday he wanted one of those strawberry cakes that Grandma had fixed a few months ago when she was visiting us. Well I told him that I would fix him a strawberry shortcake.

Well, at first I tried to find a recipe online with hughes net for the cake because my mother-in-law is so hard to get a hold of. I knew it might be days before she could get the recipe back to me and I only had two days. So I e-mailed her with internet service in Alpine AZ and asked her for the recipe and told her the reason. I also left her a voicemail and a message on her answering machine to cover all my bases.

She finally got back to me on her cell phone a day later, after I had already gone into full panic mode because I had to go grocery shopping and start setting up for his party. Then she e-mailed me the recipe with her highspeed internet New York NY. I made the cake in time and he loved it.


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