Hungarian Parliament Building

Oct 3, 2010

The next beautiful place in the world is The Hungarian Parliament Building. Yes, this is one historical building in Hungary, also becomes the largest building in that country but on the second places in Europe. This is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of Europe's oldest legislative buildings, a notable landmark of Hungary and a popular tourist destination of Budapest. It’s located in Lajos Kossuth Square, on the bank of the Danube, in Budapest.

This building was built in 1873 and worked by about one thousand people on its construction. But on 1890, National Assembly resolved to establish a new, representative Parliament Building, expressing the sovereignty of the nation. Nowadays, this building is used for Ethnographical Museum, the other as the Ministry of Agriculture.

One of the famous parts of the building is the hex decagonal (sixteen-sided) central hall, with huge chambers adjoining it: the Lower House (today the National Assembly meets here) and the Upper House (until 1945). The Holy Crown of Hungary, which is also depicted in the coat of arms of Hungary, has been displayed in the central hall since 2000.

Further features include the stained glass and glass mosaic paintings by Miksa Róth.
Due to its extensive surface and its detailed handiwork, the building is almost always under renovation.
During the Communist regime, the government added a large red star to the central steeple at the dome of the building, but after its downfall, the star was removed from the steeple


madinger said...

cool place :)

October 4, 2010 at 10:56 AM
Rob said...

Was just in Budapest, took many photos of that wonderful architecture from the Buda site. Great city.

October 5, 2010 at 5:14 PM

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