Choose the Right Car for Your Traveling

Jul 16, 2010

I have seen that many travelers that come from Java, especially East Java take their own car when traveling to Bali. Bali is interesting with many cultures which separate in all over of the Bali Island. With large area and also the far distance between each province, the travelers need their own car to visit the entire tourist object.

Now, let we see what kind of car that suitable to use for long vacation, not just in Bali but in all over the world. Maybe jeep is the answer, or honda or even Nissan?
But wait, first think that we can do before make a choice is asking some suggestion from other people. If you like browsing in the internet, you can find any website that can help you. Many website provides some review about car. Yes, you can see that they are expert on automobile, because some of them work in car dealer or automotive and we know that they are know car like know their self.

One website that I know is This website provides you more review about car, in more brands, more types. The review is based from some aspects, range from the shape until the test drive result. The editor will give some suggestion about what does he likes or dislikes from the car and you can adapt it with your own passion.

You can get Nissan Leaf review easily from this website, beside new car info, photo, car shows and other information about car.

So which car that suitable for your traveling? Try to see the
Saab 9-3 review for example and you will know that can help you to answer.

Happy traveling ^ ^


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