Mont Saint-Michel

Mar 14, 2010

This is one of beautiful places in France. Mont Saint-Michel is an island that located on the bay, approximately one kilometer off the country’s north coast, at the Couesnon River near Avranches, Normandy, France. This is a historical place in France, because it was used as an Armorican stronghold of Romano-Breton culture and power.
Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky tidal island and that at the beginning was connected to the mainland via a thin natural land bridge, which before modernization was covered at high tide and revealed at low tide. In 1879, the land bridge was fortified into a true causeway. This prevented the tide from scouring the silt round the mount.

In prehistoric times the bay was land. As sea levels rose erosion shaped the coastal landscape over millions of years. Several blocks of granite or granulite emerged in the bay, having resisted the wear and tear of the ocean better than the surrounding rocks. These included Lillemer, the Mont-Dol, Tombelaine (the island just to the north), and Mont Tombe, later called Mont-Saint-Michel.

Now this island becomes one of UNESCO World Heritage Site and was opened for commune tourist object.


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