The Great Coral Reef

Dec 30, 2009

This is the largest coral reef in the world. This beautiful place is located in the Choral Sea, offshore Queensland in northeast of Australia. The Great Coral Reef is protected under the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, which ensure this 2006 km of beautiful coral reef free from dangers form abuse by the human.

More than 2900 individual reefs and 900 islands to be part of this reef. Thirty types of whales, dolphins, and dolphins have been recorded in the Great Barrier Reef, including Kurcaci Minke whale, Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins, whales and Humpback. Large dugong population lives there. Coral reefs is also a place of living turtles, sea snakes, fish and various types of living creatures, so that should be protected.

Great Barrier Reef has long been known and used by a quarter Aborigin and Torres Strait Islander. Aborigin has lived in that area since 40,000 years, and Torres Strait Islanders from around 10,000 years ago. So there a historical from this reef and to protect it, in 1975 the Government of Australia built The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

The Great Coral Reef is a very popular travel destination for tourists, especially divers. Many cities along the Queensland coast offer daily boat trips to the reef. Several continental and coral cay islands have been transformed into a resort, including the resort island of pure Lady Elliot Island. In addition, this region also became regional destination for boat tours or cruise for tourists who come to Australia.


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